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you bring me broken hearts and tears- but you'll always be my star

20 August
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Iwantmythursday (12:32:21 PM): SPREAD THE MOTHER EFFEN CHRISSY
my manda<3333

angel_of_deathh is a radioactive squirrel!!


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my name is chrissy. im 14.
no one loves me.. and everyone hates me.
its just a part of life, that ill have to accept.

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''scary'' movies, 311, a perfect circle, a perfect kiss, a static lullaby, afi, alkaline trio, anti-abortion, art, august 20, bass, biting, black and white pictures, black caspers, black sabbath, blink 182, box car racer, bracelettes, brand new, broken hearts, building 429, burning rosewood, chevelle, christianity, christina aguilera, coheed and cambria, dashboard confessional, davey havok, deep purple, def leppard, disturbed, dying, emo, evanesence, fall out boy, finch, fingereleven, fire, flogging molly, friends, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, gavin degraw, godsmack, green day, guitar center, guitar picks, guys in bands, guys with long hair, history of an error, hoobastank, hxc, ice skating, jet, john reuben, johnny depp, kiss, korn, kurt cobain, led zepplin, linkin park, local bands, lostprophets, love, mest, metallica, michelle branch, moneen, music, necklaces, nevaeh, never the machine forever, new found glory, nirvana, offspring, one too many, payable on death, photography, poison the well, punk rock, rain, religion, roses, sacred soul, saves the day, seether, seventh day slumber, shinedown, singing, sixth sence, skateboarders, skateboarding, slipknot, something corporate, sr-71, stone sour, stones overturned, story of the year, suicide, sum 41, switchfoot, sxe, taco bell, taking back sunday, the ataris, the early november, the ring, the starting line, the switch, the used, theory of yesterday, thousand foot krutch, three days grace, trapt, unloco, vanessa carlton, vendetta red, wakefeild, weezer, withoutasound, yellowcard